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4 Weeks for Every Body is for YOU!

Remember the gut health program I shared with you last week? (If you missed it, Autumn Calabrese is launching a 4 week, isolating foods program to tackle gut issues and refuel your health from the inside out!) Well, in addition to tackling our gut health, Autumn is releasing 4 weeks of workouts that pair perfectly with this month-long journey 💪!

4 Weeks for Every Body is a fitness program that delivers exactly what it says - a no-impact program that makes consistency and results achievable for EVERY BODY. While we figure out what is going on on the inside, we want to still prioritize moving our bodies, but with low impact, low rigor moves that allow your body to work.

The program includes 4 workouts per week all under 30 minutes, including a warm-up and cooldown, each day! If you’re a cycling fan, the program also offers 4 bonus cycling workouts to plug into your routine as needed. It is time to make our fitness purposeful and effective while we maximize our results and health for our bodies!

Both programs launch in March and I am starting to build a contact list of interested friends. Can I add you to it to stay up to date on all the release details and info? Use the link below to join my info group and learn more about all new programs coming soon!

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