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A Toast to 2021

We never thought we would make it through 2020, but here we are! The beginning of 2021 might not fix everything overnight, but I am hopeful that things are looking up and glad that I can focus on controlling the controllable- like fueling my body, moving my body and showing up every day!

This month I have two options for you to join me!

1️⃣A Toast to 2021!

Let’s ring in the new year with a toast- but think avocado toast, not the champagne kind (but those are fun too!). I am so excited to bring you meal plans, toast recipes, a podcast calendar, a family fun calendar, and so much more for our first month of 2021- I’ll toast to that! 🥂

2️⃣Take Control in 2021

Want to join us for a special launch group of 9 Week Control Freak?! I love a launch group! What makes them different, you ask? In my normal accountability groups, everyone picks the program that is best for them- awesome right? But in a launch group, we all commit to the same program- and get started at the same time! It is so much fun and so powerful to be doing the same program together- the same workouts each day, and be the first group going through it!

Ready to toast to 2021? Or take control? Click Here and I’ll send you all the info!

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