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All About Abundance Virtual Gym

We are talking ABUNDANCE this month. What does abundance mean? The first definition of it says, “a very large quantity of something” which is the interpretation we may all have. But, if you dig a little deeper, the third definition of the word says, “plentifulness of the good things of life”. THAT is the definition we are going to work through for the next 30 days!

Now that we know the theme of the month, let’s break it down to see what we will be doing each day!

🧠 Growth Money Mindset - Instead of thinking about what we have as a solid, lump sum, we are going to talk about money as constantly changing and learn some tips about a positive money mindset to support our health and wellness journey!

🧠 Test the Waters Tuesday - We are trying new things, breaking out of comfort zones and discussing our fears and new found confidence!

🧠 Wealth Wednesday - What is wealth outside of finances? We will discuss wealth as a mindset and practice gratitude each week!

🧠 Get Your Greens Thursday - We will share a clean, green recipe to try!

🧠 Pay It Forward Friday - These days will be about kindness, acts of kindness and paying it forward!

🧠 Small Win Saturday - Small wins create BIG things, so let’s find those small wins each week!

🧠 Shout It Out Sunday - We will celebrate and compliment our community at the end of every week with some Shout Outs!

What day are you most interested in diving into? You can access all of the info, our online workout library, nutrition plans and all the joy of our online community right now! Click Here and get all the details on joining us this August!

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