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An Easier Way to Eat More Veggies

Do you eat enough greens? Chances are… the answer is no. I’ve heard all the excuses: - I don’t like them

- They go bad so fast!

- My family won’t eat them

- It takes forever to wash and prepare them

And I HAVE all the excuses. Just because I am a coach doesn’t mean I love veggies

But for every excuse, there are about a million reasons why we SHOULD eat them - but only about 14% of adults get the recommended amount of greens in a day. So, let’s try to make it a little bit easier! If you are drinking Shakeology daily, that is an amazing first step; it is nutrient packed! But you can also bump up the greens with Power Greens!

One scoop is equivalent to 1 cup of green veggies and blends into your shake! If I am drinking vanilla, I can see a slight green tinge to my shake, but I don’t notice any taste - and that is big - because I am not a vegetable fan!

So make your shake a little bit more “green” for this March and try out Power Greens! Hit reply and type POWER and I can send you some more info!

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