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Be Good to Yourself: Fitness Edition

Like everything in life, health + wellness is made up of the 100 small decisions we make every day. Choosing to spend 20-30 minutes a day working out and most of the time sticking to healthy food has huge benefits for myself, my mood, and my interactions with others! I want to take time to highlight some simple, yet effective, ways to make your health + wellness a priority this spring, in 30 minutes or less 🙌

I’ve shared about my virtual workout library with you before, and still believe it is the greatest investment I’ve made for my health + wellness. The variety of the workouts is insane and always growing and changing! I can do a barre workout on Monday, a kickboxing workout Tuesday and do a live cycle class with my friends Wednesday - all from the same platform! And the programs have all the resources you need to tackle a goal in a set amount of time with a supertrainer leading your progress.

In honor of our newest program (Fire & Flow 😍) dropping this May, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite workouts to fire up your mind + let your body flow. Some of these are freebies directly from the BOD platform, and some are from YouTube! Click + play to see what workout is best for your day.

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