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BODi Favs

If your workout routine needs a makeover, I have the perfect solution for you! Live workouts came to my virtual library last fall and I am still in love with this option for me and my clients.

The workouts change daily, offer a variety of schedules, and are live, which brings an energy we have never felt before. If you want to shake up your fitness routine in 2022, but don’t want to commit to one program, you don’t have to! Now you can try BODi for free for 14 days before committing and I totally suggest you do. My favorite BODi things: 🙌Live workouts & recordings of a workout you may have missed! 🙌Can combine trainers and programs 🙌Not feeling “behind” if I have to skip or switch a day

🙌Nutrition resources! There are new weekly recipes and lots of live planning!

Sound like something you want to try? Message me BODi and I’ll reach out today!

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