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Coaching Journey

While we are getting FIT + upgraded in all the ways this month, I wanted to take a second to talk to YOU, for real. How are you? How are things going?

To be honest, this time of year always brings a lot of feels for me. I remember back to myself, 3 years ago, and remember how lost and frustrated I felt. I was 23 years old about to graduate college and felt MISERABLE. I had the lowest confidence of my life and, not surprisingly, my highest weight. I had no control of the food I ate, I had no idea where to start working out. I. Was. Lost.

And then as a gift for myself, I decided to use my birthday money to buy myself a challenge pack - a bundle of fitness + nutrition products plus the support and accountability of an online wellness coach. I was SHOCKED and if I am honest, it was hard. Starting from the bottom with a workout is hard. Starting from the bottom with meal prepping, planning and tracking is hard. But what is HARDER is thinking back to 3 years ago and me not asking for more information and saying yes to my first, ever, virtual workout experience!

Since then, I have participated in over 36 monthly challenges, began hosting my own for my own team, and have helped over 50 people start wellness journeys of their own - all from one YES.

So, how are you? Because if lost, frustrated, low, bottomed, or hard describe your life right now, I would love to chat. First, to just check on you and see what’s up, and second, to see if this opportunity could help you turn even one of those negatives into a positive.

I am here for you + ready to chat when you are!

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