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Coaching - Now is the Time!

If you follow me on social media or are a part of my monthly accountability group, you should know that I am an online health and wellness coach. I’ve been a coach for ___ years and could talk forever about all I’ve learned and how my life has changed from this opportunity!

Around this time each year, I get OBSESSED with next year. My goals, my vision, what I want for my team, what I want for my challengers… not only WHAT I see for next year but also HOW I am going to get there!

The truth for me, every year, is that we can’t waste the time we have now to think about what may come later. The new year is not magic. The action we take now, the habits we build now, and the lives we affect now will be the fuel that propels us in 2022!

That is why this is the best time to start your own coaching business! You could wait until January, or when things “slow down” or when you hit rock bottom, again. Or, you could take baby steps now, learn our programs, get results in the next 4-6 weeks, begin sharing your story, and then BOOM… kick-off 2022 RUNNING towards your goals, together with our team!

I am hosting my next Coach Info Call 11/29 and would love to share more about what it looks like to start as a coach and the opportunities you have NOW that will only grow in the New Year. Want more info? Message me “Coaching Info” to get added to my call list and start learning more!

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