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Fire & Flow

If you’re thinking I just finished talking about a new program launch a few weeks ago, YOU’RE RIGHT! This is what I absolutely love about this platform - it is constantly growing, with new content being added ALL THE TIME. Following the incredible, literally SOLD OUT program, 4 Week Gut Protocol in March, I am so excited to announce Fire & Flow - a 4 week program combining the fire of HIIT & strength training 🔥 and the flow 〰️of barre, pilates, yoga ,and meditation, all in ONE! Plus, this new program is bringing TWO incredible super trainers to lead us along the way, and they are strong, incredible WOMEN, Jericho Matthews and Elise Joan! This program is going to strengthen our bodies + minds and get us feeling confident and ready for whatever Summer 2022 may bring 💪

More details are being released weekly (and the program will be available for my VIP customers at the end of May!), and I don’t want you to miss a thing - if you think this program sounds like something you may want more info on, message me “FIRE & FLOW” in the bottom right corner and I’ll add you to my program specific contact list!

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