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Go + Glow 2022

I’ve chatted here before about my Total Solution Packs being the absolute BEST option for you to jumpstart your health + wellness journey for 2022- plus the value is insane! We have three different options- something for everyone! There is the classic Shakeology bundle with 30 days of our superfood blend in a variety of whey, vegan + gluten-free flavors, the Performance line with all the pre and post-workout supplement support you need, and, finally (drumroll, PLEASE!) we have our GO + GLOW pack- which is brand new this year!

Now, this pack seems a little too good to believe, so we’re going to break it down SLOWLY so we know exactly what we’re getting in this amazing bundle.

🌟 Energize - the pack starts with 40 servings of my workout MUST HAVE! Made from clean ingredients like green tea extract, Energize gives you the boost you need to kick start your workout (or laundry, or an afternoon work slump, or ANYTHING) and KEEP that focus going until the task is done!

💦 Hydrate - you know when you FEEL like those sugary sports drinks are what you need, but actually feel even thirstier, tired, and dissatisfied after? The sugar content in some of those drinks is HUGE and not what your body needs post-workout. Hydrate is my “sweat it out” solution, made from clean ingredients that replenish the electrolytes lost during a workout without a high-calorie, sugary crash.

💗 Collagen Boost - the product that puts the “GLOW” in the pack’s name, Collagen will do ALL that! If you want to see stronger hair + nails, bright, hydrated skin, and feel better about what you’re getting from your drinks each day (Collagen goes into hot and cold drinks!) you need Collagen Boost in your life!

Our Go + Glow pack is $20 off through the New Year, so act now and have our favorite products at your fingertips to kick off 2022! Want to learn more? Message me “Go + Glow” and I’ll send you all the info!

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