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Gut Health Protocol

Gut Protocol is here and I wanted to update you on the incredible feedback this program has brought around! Just a recap… 4 Week Gut Protocol is a brand new nutrition program that launched on my virtual wellness app this spring. 🌱 It focuses on eliminating the most common gut-triggering food groups from our diets, and replacing them with foods + supplements to rebuild our gut health. You’ll follow the plan for 30 days with support from the program creator + team of nutritionists, every day! We will focus on the 4 R’s- remove, replace, replenish & rebalance- and then reintroduce! I’ll also plug you into my test group where we’ll track our progress together.

In addition to all the nutrition support for the first 30 days and beyond, this program includes 4 weeks of workouts designed specifically for your gut healing journey! The before + afters coming out of the test group are BANANAS, and show the incredible results that come from proper nutrition, supplement support, and low-impact strength training.

Are you dealing with gut issues right now? Do you want to begin a low impact, beginner’s workout routine this spring? I have spots open and all the resources for you to build a transformation of your own! 📷 Let’s talk more!

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