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Gut Protocol + 4 Weeks for Every Body

We are SO close to the launch of Gut Protocol + 4 Weeks for Every Body, and I wanted to take a moment this week to talk about HOW these two programs can work together and WHY I am taking this opportunity to go all-in on my nutrition and start to heal my gut from the inside out.

First, how do Gut Protocol + 4 Weeks for Every Body go together? Well, one program is all about nutrition and one is all about the workouts - so together they provide a full solution to our physical wellness! Gut Protocol will introduce gut triggering food groups and meal plan/recipe ideas to remove those foods from your diet for 30 days. Over that time, you will learn from Autumn Calabrese why those foods make us feel the way they do and how important gut health is to our overall being. Everyone’s journey will be different but I think we all will be amazed at where we are in 30 days!

Yes, Gut Protocol on its own is an amazing option, but moving our bodies through this process will aid with our digestion and make us even STRONGER! 4 Weeks for Every Body provides 4 weeks of workouts, 4 days a week, 30 minutes a day, that are low impact. They provide just enough to get our bodies moving, but don’t include the rigor and intensity as some of the other programs in our library- which is perfect for aiding in gut health. Together, you can give your health a FULL makeover and I personally cannot wait to get started!

Are you dealing with gut issues right now? Do you want to begin a low impact, beginner’s workout routine this spring? Let’s talk more!

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