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Healthy Vacation Habits

Summer is HERE! Is anyone else itching to go somewhere, anywhere before September rolls around again?! From a staycation in your state to a well deserved rendezvous to a far-away place, vacation does not need to be the time to cheat, binge or lose any of the amazing progress you have been making! Our key thinking on vacation is BALANCE, with everything in moderation (even, moderation!) So order another cocktail, go out for ice cream and take the day off from working out. Whatever feels good for you is what vacation should be, but here are some other habits to keep in mind!

  1. Don’t rely on plane, train or gas station snacks! Plan ahead and prep easy to eat, pre-portioned options for everyone in the family to enjoy.

  2. Stay on track for breakfast! Starting your day with a clean, whole meal will set your day off feeling energized for whatever may come your way!

  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Aim to up your hydration on vacation anyways, but especially before meals! Drinking 20 oz of water before a meal will help you feel full and not overeat.

  4. Plan on 30 minutes of activity each day. Maybe your workout library isn’t coming with you (even though, it TOTALLY can!) Planning a walk, swim, bike or yoga session will give your mind something positive to look forward to, get your heart rate up and burn some calories!

Be present. Yes, all those habits are great and we hope you use them! But honestly, no one knows you and what you need better than YOU. So have a vacation for you - plan the things, eat the food and just BE.

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