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Home Gym Set Up Tips

Working on putting together a home gym? Good call. The home-sweet-home approach to fitness is perfect for anyone looking to save time and money, and with our online workout library you are already halfway there!

For a lot less than the cost of an annual gym membership, you can stock up on all the essential home exercise equipment you need to get fit, and take care of it in your home for years to come. Working out in your home rather than needing to drive across town to a gym, you’re more likely to get your workout in and reach your fitness goals down the road!

You don’t need to go overboard and stock up on all the things in your dream gym at once. Start with a few basics, then purchase more as you gain strength and hit your fitness goals. Also, your materials do not need to be brand new! Facebook marketplace, community pages or a group text to your family may lead to finding some great home gems. Here is a great list to work towards!

● Exercise mat

● A variety of dumbbells

● Resistance loops

● Suspension bar and training ropes

● Chin-up bar

● Kettlebells

● Jump rope

● Foam roller

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