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Job 1 is here!

We make choices every single day. Choices for our job, our families, our friends, but how often are your choices for your health? How often do you choose OTHERS over yourself? If you find yourself saying things like, “I don’t have time to workout” or, “I can’t figure out meal prepping” I have the perfect JOB for you!

My newest program “Job 1” is perfect for any season of busy, any fitness level, and will teach you that your health is not an option; it is our job to take care of ourselves! This program brings a no-nonsense training style in a 20-minute workout! That’s right, 20 MINUTES, 5 days a week! The creator, Jennifer Jacobs, shares that she built this program with YOU in mind: prioritize ourselves the way we prioritize our jobs. With quick, effective workouts and two nutrition plans to support you, you’ll tap into a wealth of benefits, more self-confidence, and increased strength in your body and mind!

Job 1 is available TODAY for my coaches + preferred customers (that can be you!) or on December 16th for everyone! Want to give a workout a try and learn more? CLICK HERE to get all the info you need to join us!

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