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Job1 and MYX Bike

Mark your calendars and get ready for the ride of a lifetime – MYX bikes by Beachbody are coming soon!

Remember the live-streaming platform BODi I wrote about a few weeks ago? The super trainers we know and love are ALL on board, bringing their workouts to us LIVE on this new platform launching in September! But with those trainers and programs we know and love comes a new trainer and program exclusively launching on the BODi platform - this is Job 1!

“Job 1”, our first live-streamed program to launch on the BODi platform, comes to us from NEW Super Trainer Jennifer Jacobs! A no-excuses 4-week program that makes your health, fitness, and nutrition THE priority, Job 1 will be a 20 mins-a-day (LOVE! 😍), 5-days-a-week, functional training program that helps you get up and do your job of taking care of YOU, FIRST! The program is cycling based, but includes resistance + cardio workouts, plus four optional ride workouts to add to your MYXfitness bike routine!

If you love our current online workout library, but have been itching to jump on the home-cycling trend, this is the opportunity for you!

The MYX bike is going on sale in the U.S. this September with the launch of BODi. If you want to be first to get all the info on pricing, launch dates and my program test groups, message me “MYX Bike” and I will add you to my contact list!

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