Join Me in July: Fit for Life Bootcamp

July is here - vacations, fireworks, watermelon and summer fun! I am so excited to celebrate this month with my brand new Fit for Life Summer Bootcamp! I LOVE that no matter the season, the holiday or the occasion, my bootcamp ladies are always there to remind me that working out and eating healthy is not a diet - it's my life! It gives me energy, makes me patient, helps me feel my best, and just makes me a happier person!

If you are ready to get on track for life- join us! There is no crazy counting of calories, no deprivation (it’s all about balance!) and no working out 3x a day at the gym! Just healthy foods, 30 minutes of working out, giving my body what it needs with my superfoods shake and celebrating the freedom that comes with a healthy lifestyle!

Ready to join us? Fill out the form under the Virtual Gym tab at the top of the page and I’ll be in touch with all the details!