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June Virtual Gym

Squeeze the Day is here! My June Virtual Gym is launching and we have fun daily themes like... 🍋 When Life Gives You Lemons 🍊Fresh Fruit Flavors 🥭Zest for Life If you’ve never been in a group with me before… here’s what happens: 🍋We chat about your goals and get you set up with a package that works for you! 🍋There are over 70 workout programs to choose from - we will make sure that you LIKE working out each day. Workouts range from 20 minutes to longer and all types of exercise: Barre, yoga, HIIT, weight lifting - something for everyone. And if you decide you don't like the one you pick first… you can pick another one! 🍋Your package also comes with 2 nutrition programs. We will pick the one that is right for you and I’ll show you how to get started and learn how to easily implement the plan into your life. We aren’t eliminating food groups. We aren’t counting calories. This is for LIFE - so it has to be sustainable! 🍋Now that you’re set up with a workout program and nutrition plan, we’ll get you plugged into my group. This is where the magic happens. Each day, we track our workouts and nutrition, we cheer each other on and we pick each other up.

🍋Each day is filled with tips, motivation and fun. Plus, weekly meal plans that go along with both nutrition plans, podcast calendars and so much more. Having this place to check in makes SUCH a difference! You are not alone in this! 🍋Once you finish your program we will celebrate with you and you can continue in the group as long as you would like. Pick a new program, redo the one you just did or do a hybrid - we always make sure to keep it interesting! Whew, that was a lot. But these groups are powerful and they’ve changed so many lives… so if you’re ready to jump in, fill out the virtual gym form under the "Start Here" tab on my site!

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