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Let’s Get Up Released

Who else was counting down the days to “Let’s Get Up”? Well, it’s HERE! Shaun T’s newest program released for VIP Coach Members on April 19th and I cannot wait to put a dose of positive energy + sweaty cardio into my current routine!

Let’s Get Up is a complete fitness program, combining dance, fitness and Shaun T’s inspiring leadership into six, sweat busting workouts a week! In 30 minutes or less, any person, with any fitness level, can get up, get moving and know they are in for a great workout! In addition to the workouts, this program brings a positivity and light that we could all benefit from adding to our day. Lastly, the program is equipment free so you can incorporate it easily in your routine, wherever you are!

Let’s Get Up is available for Early Access on May 3rd for customers, but NOW for any VIP Coach Members! What does it mean to be a Coach Member? Message me from the icon in the bottom right corner to get more info and chat on how to get “Let’s Get Up” added to your workout library today!

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