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Making Fitness More Fun

If you are still struggling to have fun and are actually getting bored with any of the workouts you’re doing or have done in the past, then it may be time to try something new! This doesn’t necessarily mean starting a brand-new workout program or sport though. ✋

Sometimes just little tweaks can make all the difference to bring life back into your workout and make it fun again!

✨Do your workout with a friend(s)

✨Set up a live group workout on zoom with friends

✨Try a live group fitness class (in person or virtually)

✨Create a new playlist that pumps you up

✨Try your workout at a different time of day

✨Take your workout outside

✨Listen to a podcast or audiobook or even watch a favorite show while you workout

These are just a few ideas, be creative and do whatever makes it fun for you! The key is to just keep up the habit during the seasonal chaos so you don’t have to start over in the new year.

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