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#mbf is Coming - Let’s Get Started Now!

Muscle Burns Fat. #mbf is coming! I get so excited for new workout programs… and this one is going to be amazing! Sure, with over 700 videos on BOD already, I am never bored - but new programs? They are so fun! Plus, I get to host a launch group so we can all do this together! So… what is #mbf? Here is what we know:

💪 Muscle Burns Fat is a 3 week program that can be followed by Muscle Burns Fat Advanced, another 3 week program. So, that is 6 weeks of new workouts!

💪 Super trainer Megan Davies - creator of Clean Week - incorporates strength training and cardio to torch calories and burn fat

💪 Set to the beat of the music so you stay on tempo, with simple moves you learn quickly for a total body burn!

💪 25-35 minute workouts for #mba and 25-40 minutes for #mbfa

💪 Available July 7th for coaches and July 27th for customers!

Want to be the first to know all the details? Fill out the form on my Virtual Gym Page and type #MBF and I will put you on my VIP list!

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