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More Steps this Fall

If you are a part of my September Virtual Gym, you know that more movement through walking is a huge goal of ours! (If you aren’t in there, here is your personal invite 😍)

As my trainer, Amoila says, “Sitting is the new smoking” and along with everything else 2020 brought, I found myself sitting A LOT more than I normally would! Netflix binges, home office chairs, Zoom calls… sitting, sitting, and MORE sitting!

So, before that cold season rolls in, let’s celebrate our ability to MOVE with extra steps added to our days! Here are some easy ways to do so…

● Park in the last row of the parking lot! You’ll get extra steps from your car to the door and hopefully have more luck finding a spot.

● Take the steps! Elevators are faster, but a few flights of stairs a day add up to that calorie burn/step goal we’re pushing to!

● Get a fitness watch or tracker app! This will track your steps throughout the day and many products set a steps goal for you based on your weight, lifestyle activity, and goals.

● Walk through lunch! If you can, walk while you eat. That 30 minutes to an hour break is usually spent sitting down, most likely scrolling on our phones. Take your lunch outside, soak up some Vitamin D, and have your lunch on the go!

Rescue or foster a dog! This is the biggest walking commitment because you will literally invite a new member to your family who needs steps, too. If a dog isn’t in your future, text a friend for accountability and set up walking dates each day.

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