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MYX Bike

Mark your calendars and get ready for the ride of a lifetime – MYX bikes by Beachbody are coming soon!

The super trainers we know and love are LIVE on our new, on-demand streaming platform. If the Beta version is any indication, this launch is going to be AMAZING! In addition to all the workouts + trainers we love going live, we are welcoming many new trainers including Jennifer Jacobs! Her new program releases later this year and includes a cycling option 😲

Cycling is all the rage lately, but what is the big deal? Why cycling, why the MYX bike, and why NOW?!

Cycling is a high-energy, fun workout that incorporates cardio + strength in a super unique way! The guided cycling classes challenge you to push yourself and access to our cycling program, Job1, will include so much more than just cycling! The MYX bike includes a tablet that can stream all the workouts pre-recorded and LIVE on our platform. Classes: You’ll get much more out of your exercise bike with guidance from virtual trainers, so we are so excited to offer so many options for new fitness experiences!

JOB1 will be 20 mins-a-day (LOVE! 😍), 5-days-a-week, for 4 weeks and focuses on functional training. This includes resistance + cardio workouts, plus four optional ride workouts to add to your MYX fitness bike routine!

The MYX bike is going on sale in the U.S. on September 21st with the launch of BODi. If you want to be first to get all the info on pricing, and my program test groups, message me “MYX Bike” and I will add you to my contact list!

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