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New Workout Highlights

What happens when three amazing women release programs back, to back, to back? THREE new programs, THREE huge sales and three trainers you already know and love.

I’ve shared before about my Netflix-style library of workouts; over 75 complete programs accessible from wherever you are, all you need is WIFI to press play! But what I love even more than the ease and accessibility of the workouts - there are always NEW workouts being added and updated! Let’s take a look at the three newest additions 😍

💪 #MBF & #MBFA (aka Muscle Burns Fat and Muscle Burns Fat Advanced!) - These two, 21 day programs designed by supertrainer Megan Davies include 25-35 minute weight lifting and cardio workouts to deliver leaner, stronger muscles while you fire up your metabolism and burn away fat! Each workout is set to the music, so as the beat builds, your intensity will build, too! Workout materials include light, medium and heavy weights and the signature weighted, ropeless jump rope used each day for that cardio spike! Sound like the program for you? Reply to this email with MUSCLE BURNS FAT for all the info and sale pricing to get started!

👟 30 Day Breakaway - Cardio lovers and haters, unite! The first running-incorporated program on the platform, 30 Day Breakaway takes you from couch potato to 5K in 30 Days! Super trainer Idalis Velazquez teaches you a powerful combo of resistance training and guided running, designed to burn fat, tone all over and get you ready to crush (maybe your first) 5K! Whether you choose the outdoors or treadmill, Idalis’ coaching will take you through phases of walking, jogging and sprints on cardio days and resistance, weight training on strength days that will get you feeling fitter, faster and stronger in a month’s time. Ready to breakaway? The sale prices are ready for you, too! Reply to this email with BREAKAWAY for all updated pricing and info on how to start!

😅 9 Week Control Freak - Who is waiting for the program to go ALL IN on? The program that goes beyond the workout, but will teach you to take control of all aspects of your day with banging results along the way? If you have the will, Autumn Calabrese will show you the way! In three, three week phases, Autumn has put together a mixture of strength training, Tabata-inspired cardio and total body toning to take you from feeling “EH” to “WOW” in just 18-30 minutes a day! (With TWO rest days a week - YUP!) Shot in real time, 9 Week Control Freak will take you through a progression of workouts along with Autumn and her team to find the motivation, strength and control we all have deep down inside us. For more info on the workouts, materials and sale pricing, click here and let’s chat!

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