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New Year, New You in 2022!

I LOVE a new year and 2022 is just around the corner! I can’t wait to get a fresh year full of new choices, opportunities, and huge wins in my personal, wellness, and business life- and this is my wish for you too! We don’t have to do it alone. The BEST year is one that starts with a purpose + a plan in place to start January 1st off RUNNING. Waiting until mid-month to revisit that resolution will make you feel behind right out of the gate, so we want to share all the ways you can start your 2022 as the BEST you!

⭐ Save your spot in my January accountability group + start now! In the next 2 weeks, you could start a workout program, learn a nutrition plan and have all the resources on hand to make January 1st the best kick-off to a New Year, yet! When you start with a Total Solution Pack, you get all the nutrition, fitness + community resources you could need, plus 30 days of FREE access to our new, LIVE WORKOUT platform. Our packs are $20 off, so let’s talk more about starting + saving today!

⭐ Do you do your best being told exactly what to do to reach your goals? What workouts to do, what to eat, with daily check-ins and coaching to keep you on track? Then the Job 1 Group is best for you! Starting January 3rd, super trainer Jennifer Jacobs, the creator of Job 1, will be hosting her launch group of our newest program to be your personalized coach through it all. For 4 weeks, you will get 5 new workouts each week, a grocery list, weekly meal plans, and daily check-ins to track your progress in real-time. Sound like exactly what you need to reset your fitness? Us, too! Reply “Job 1” to this email and we’ll send you all the info!

⭐ Begin your fitness journey + become an entrepreneur with me by your side! There is no better accountability than having OTHERS watching you as you show up for yourself, and coaching is just that. You teach others what program best meets their goals, what nutrition program matches their lifestyle, and how to continue sharing this incredible opportunity with others. Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot to jump into; all training is included and my next Coach Apprenticeship starts January 4th so we will go through it all together! Starting as a coach is INCLUDED with our Total Solution Packs, so there is nothing to lose and so much to gain. Want to learn more about coaching? Send me a message today and let’s talk more!

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