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Nutrition+ and BODi

I talk a lot about my online workout library, but we know that nutrition is key to getting the results we want! Our two nutrition plans are amazing and completely different to target a variety of goals you may have. In the past, these plans were offered separately and my clients would be Team Portion Control or Team Mindful Eating. Now, you have access to BOTH so you can see which works in your real life- and you have access to Nutrition+, a monthly membership that gives you access to both nutrition plans plus online support from our nutrition experts for the accountability you need to stick to your plan!

Nutrition+ members get alerts to the newest recipe drops, tips + tricks from our nutrition experts and exclusive access to our new, live-streaming fitness platform, BODi, coming this fall! BODi is launching this September and will feature our super trainers hosting live, on-demand classes to provide an immersive and personalized group exercise from your home! There will be about 17 Supertrainer workouts a week + more from other BODi trainers!

Want to connect like never before? Let’s chat Nutrition+ today so you can get all the nutrition support you need to hit your goals and test BODi as soon as August during the beta period.

DM me “NEED NUTRITION” today to get all the info on Nutrition+ and be added to my contact list for all the info on BODi, coming soon! **There is a chat button in the lower right corner : ) **

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