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October Fit Club

The holiday season is coming, and let’s face it, a lot of times that means we stop thinking as much about our goals. But what if we kept the focus on fueling and moving our bodies- with a few days off for family fun and celebrating? What if we kept each other accountable and finished this year stronger than we started With over 75 workout programs to choose from, two nutrition plans to follow, and a community of supporters to cheer you on along the way!?! October is going to be amazing in my Fit Club! AND you can try out LIVE workouts- a game changer for when you are on the go and ready to mix it up!

Here are some things to look forward to this month!

🔥 Tuesdays are for slow cooker recipes to keep your meal prep simple, healthy, and HOT!

🔥 Wednesdays we are Sounding the Alarm and celebrating one another!

🔥 Fridays are for pep talks + inspiring each other to take our healthy habits into the weekend!

🔥 ...and SUNDAYS, we are highlighting foam rolling with a Stop, Drop and Roll day!

So… are you in?! Where could you use more support in your health or wellness? I have the info ready to share + a spot just waiting for you!

Message me FIT CLUB in the bottom right corner to get all the details on joining us this October!

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