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Outdoor Workout Ideas

You know that I love my Netflix-style library of workouts! With over 75 complete programs to follow and a few dozen extra workout add-ins for whatever you’re feeling, I have found my YES with virtual workouts! The spring season reminds me of another reason why I am so thankful for the flexibility of these programs - taking my workout OUTSIDE!

There are SO many benefits to getting your workout in outside. First, your health; daily physical activity anywhere is great, but studies show that outdoor activities have the same effect on our blood pressure, and heart rate, but may be perceived as less strenuous on our bodies! Also, without the confinements of a gym or a class schedule, you can schedule your workout when and wherever you want. And we can all use some extra Vitamin D (but don’t forget your sunscreen!).

Here are some workouts to try taking outdoors! What is your favorite outdoor workout this season?

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