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Post-Holiday 3 Day Refresh

The holidays are coming and feelings are HIGH - excitement, joy, and gratitude, yes, but does anyone else also feel worry, exhaustion, and food guilt creeping in whenever they can? If you typically wake up after a holiday weekend feeling sluggish, bloated, and let down by your nutrition, I have the perfect solution for you!

Our three day nutrition reset program includes all you need to reset your gut and move on with your goals! This 3-day program of specially formulated smoothies, high protein + fiber supplements, and a clean eating meal plan help you break out of the holiday eating habits, lose a few pounds, and support a healthy gut - all while eating REAL food for 3 days!

Interested in a gut refresh this holiday season? I AM! Want to do it together?! Let’s chat - message me REFRESH and I’ll send you the link to get started!

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