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Preferred Customer

In a season of all things new + exciting, I have a super exciting membership upgrade for you! In my monthly fit clubs, there are usually two membership levels - customer or coach. Customers do the workouts, log their nutrition and check in with our community daily for our wellness tips! Coaches want to build a business. They want to share our resources, use our products, and have a vision for a bigger business with a bigger impact! They are the first to learn about and try new products, first to know all business updates + trainings, and hold the biggest piece of our community close to their heart!

But, what if you’re in between? You’re using the products, having success in the workouts, love talking about it all, and taking in all the info you can, BUT you don’t want to build a business. You don’t want additional income. You just prefer our products, workouts, and community.

Well then, you are a PREFERRED customer, the newest membership offered on our platform! Preferred customers get all the same access and resources as our base customers with bonus offers all the time! For a monthly membership, you will save 25% off all future offers and be in the know of all new programs and product announcements! Memberships have their perks and our preferred customer membership is no different. More knowledge, more accountability, more savings!

Sound like something you’d like to upgrade to? Let’s chat!

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