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Raid Your Pantry Recipes

How is grocery shopping where you are? We are trying to use delivery services but a lot of them won’t deliver for days! Our stores are getting better now, but before it was like a perpetual game of Chopped! Plus there were buying limits, and I even heard of people having to wait in line to get into the store!

Because of all the craziness, I have been relying on pantry staples and trying to find new recipes with ingredients I already had on hand! I know everyone’s grocery stores are different right now, but I thought it would be useful to compile some recipes with ingredients that have been easy for me to find

Click here to download your recipes (or use a button):

In the top right corner you can add the file to your drive or print it!

Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading the file and I can send you a PDF copy!!

Which recipe do you want to try?

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