September Virtual Bootcamp

This month, we are welcoming all the FIT fall feels! We all know about summer bodies and getting hot for all our summer dates, but we want to build habits + confidence that lasts all year long! So, welcome to FIT FOR FALL 😍 We are going to be working on our fitness, nutrition, and mindset goals to prep for the fall months ahead!

Now that we know what we’re here for, let’s break it down to see what we will be doing each day!

💪 Mondays are for building our Fit Mindset! Gratitude journaling, setting an intentional schedule, taking time to learn + grow each day, all those mindfulness things we need!

💪 Tuesdays are for coming TOGETHER, as a community and lifting each other up with connection prompts + team challenges!

💪 Wednesdays are for Wellness and sharing our best wellness tips for the fall season!

💪 On Thursdays, we are going Back to School for Top Marks! Look for fun quizzes and challenges to get your highest score!

💪 Fridays are for Fall Food Favorites! Our healthiest fall recipes, including tons of options that follow our nutrition plans!

💪 On Saturdays, we will step it up! Sitting is the new smoking, so we are going to challenge each other to get our steps in!

💪 Finally, Sundays will be for self-care, slowing down as we reflect on the past week and plan for a new one!

What day do you need most to recommit to get FIT this season? I am here to help + so excited to work together!