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Spring Clean Your Lunchbox

I don’t know about you, but lunch has slowly become my favorite meal of the day! When my fridge is stocked with delicious meals that I already prepped and I have mix and match snacks on hand, the possibilities are endless.

But where should you start? My meal plan is all about balance, so when I’m building my lunchbox I want a little bit of everything! Lunch is the meal that carries me through the longest part of my day, so protein + carbs are a must. Then, I want to make sure I grab my greens, so I try to fit in some veggies (hopefully with a delicious dip or dressing I can look forward to!) Lastly, I need a sweet - a small piece of dark chocolate or delicious fruit is a must.

How do you build your lunch? (And if you need meal prep inspo, message me so I can connect you with some of my favorite resources!)

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