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Spring Into Relaxation

The spring season may give you the feelings of “GO, GO, GO!” Spring cleaning, spring sports, new outdoor workouts, more social activities with friends… it is important to counter-balance all the extra going you’re doing with some extra rest and relaxation!

The sunnier days and milder weather can bring on more Vitamin D, better sleep, and improved mood. But if you’re not feeling the spring fever, that’s okay too. You may be MORE tired due to time changes and an increase in activities. You may feel overwhelmed or anxious by the expectations to do and clean and go this time of year. Your body may hate the pollen.

However you feel, scheduling times of relaxation into your day is important. We’ve put together some of our favorite activities to help you relax and recharge this season. Try adding one activity into your week and use it as a relaxation spot to look forward to each week!

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