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Summit Weekend

One of my favorite weekends ever is coming up and I have to share about it! Summit Weekend is a time for coaches all over the world to come together in learning, community and celebration. For 3-5 days, our network of coaches is invited to one, huge conference! Due to COVID, our meet up last year and this year will be virtual, BUT it is still such an exciting time. Even virtually, the love and joy from the community is contagious. There are guest speakers, new program announcements, group workouts with our favorite trainers and time for our team to come together and just BE.

We are planning to take all the info we get and put it together for any new members of our team, and just want to share that you can totally be a part of that! If you have a tug at your heart to help others, find financial freedom, be your boss or just find a passion in your life, we would love to have you join our next Coaching Info call or set up a time to chat more!

If you could ask one question to a coach or head at the conference, what would it be?! Send all questions, requests and interests my way!

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