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Supplement Spotlight

💥 Focused Energy BEVVY is now available in the US! 💥

Focused Energy BEVVY, a new combo-supplement that combines the increased energy and focus from our original Focused Energy Boost AND the crave curbing power of Bevvy! FE Bevvy is a 30-calorie drink that helps increase energy, promotes focus and mental clarity, and curbs cravings with regular use. It was released in a delicious pomegranate berry flavor that can be enjoyed hot or cold - yes, please!

I chatted about this with you all last month, but now that it is here and I’ve tried it… kind of obsessed! I was always guilty of drinking a half a scoop of Energize in the afternoon- nothing wrong with that, but not really what it was designed for! Now, having FE Bevvy I can get a little energy boost and also satisfy those afternoon cravings- and it is SO good! Even if you aren’t a huge tea fan… it does not have a strong tea flavor!

Ready to make your afternoon productive? Message me and type Bevvy for more info!

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