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Tips For Proper Form

Wanna know how to protect yourself from injury when you’re working out alone? Proper form is the key on this Fitness Focus Saturday! 🗝

When you have a trainer or a workout buddy who can spot you, it’s way easier to know you’re doing the moves correctly. But how do you do it when it’s just you? 🤨 Here’s some ideas! 👇

👉 Start out with unweighted moves. Master the basics of doing a squat, lunge, plank, etc. with proper form before adding weight.

👉 Record yourself working out. You may feel silly watching it back but it’s a fantastic way to know if you’re doing things right.

👉 Workout in front of a mirror. Not only can you watch your form, but you can see how incredible you are!

👉 If it hurts, stop immediately. Especially if the pain is in your joints! Being uncomfortable and fatigued is one thing, being in pain is totally different.

Have you ever recorded your workout?

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