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What's in Season for Spring?

Eating produce in season is a great way to get the freshest, and most inexpensive, produce! Save money and eat these fruits and veggies this month while they’re at their tastiest!

Peas: Add them to salads, eat by themselves, or saute them in some olive oil and mint!

Carrots: Try the rainbow variety to add some extra color to your plate!

Rhubarb: Nothing says spring like rhubarb pie!

Asparagus: Roast it, steam it, or grill it at your next barbecue!

Artichokes: They can be tricky to prepare but worth it!

Radishes: Eat them raw to add a peppery kick to your dishes or roast them for a potato substitute!

Leeks: Potato leek soup makes for a yummy and light dinner!

Fennel: If you love licorice, you’ll love making a fennel slaw!

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